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Team shot for Sheffield Steel Rollergirls. An early Sunday morning in the industrial area of Sheffield. I believe none of those pictured are still skating. 
I’ve been shooting a lot less Derby this year. 4 events so far and to be honest it’s nice to have my weekends back. Getting up late, doing all that ‘life’ shit at a more leisurely pace, generally taking things easy. Not only have I reclaimed my Saturdays but also Sundays. No longer spent in front of the computer editing to get the files out before the start of the working week. The other added benefit has been that I’ve been able to concentrate more on other artwork, and re-hone my drawing skills.

So many people, especially refs and NSOs seem to be putting themselves under a lot of pressure to staff events to keep their CV current (Where did this whole CV thing come from?) so they can cover the bigger events. I ‘suppose photography is different. It’s the hobby, and Derby is just a subject, one of many I can point my lens at. I fee…

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