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In praise of the bastard.

I’m not talking about William, or any other historical leader whose moniker was suffixed with it, or the bald, fearless or fat.

If Harold hadn’t had been so eager to engage William in battle and instead collected all his forces and then marched south after the battle of Stamford Bridge things may have been different. We may now vaguely remember William as the bastard instead of the conqueror. On the plus side, it helped improve the cuisine found in these isles.

The bastard(s) I’m talking about are critics. You know, those people who can make or break people but are usually remembered for breaking people.

But criticism can be good. It allows one to see faults in your work and improve.

Facebook does has the facility to offer comments but more than often their emoticons, ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘surprise’, ‘and I need a poo’, are used to offer engagement and I am as guilty as most, especially on using the last. Comments are usually limited to those who are featured in the images rather than any…

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